Diamonds – When you buy a diamond from Owen Fox & Sons Ltd. you can be sure you are getting quality and value.

Because of our 80 years experience in the jewellery business we have the best contacts for sourcing loose diamonds & rare gemstones from around the world such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Goldsmiths can set that perfect stone for the special one in your life.

Although it is generally believed that most diamonds are white in colour, many of them do in-fact contain traces of colour hardly visible to the naked eye. From a valuation and rarity point of view, diamonds with minimal colours will be on the rare end of the spectrum but most importantly will be more valuable than their coloured counterparts. Any other diamonds which come in a non-white pure colour are known as “fancies”. Diamonds are graded ranging from Grade D to Grade Z with Grade D representing the most colourless diamonds.

Another factor in rating a diamonds value is its Clarity Grading which is determined by the naturally occurring inclusions that a diamond may or may not contain. Diamond inclusions can vary in number, type, colour, size and position and in many instances are not visible to the naked eye. The analysis of any diamonds clarity is generally undertaken by a jeweller using a 10X Magnification Loupe.

The Cut of a diamond is the one property which can be manipulated by Man. The difference between a good cut and a bad cut can vary the diamonds value by up to 50%. The thing that’s makes the cut of one diamond better than another is its ability to reflect more light within itself. This can be achieved by arranging the proportions of its 57 or 58 facets(tiny planes that create angles to reflect light).

The term Carat with respect to diamonds refers to the size and weight of a diamond. Although a larger diamond would seem to be more valuable than a smaller one, this is not always the case as “Colour, Clarity & Cut” are weighing factors in any value assessment. So a smaller colourless diamond with good Clarity & Cut can be worth more than larger colour tinted diamond with flaws in Clarity & a poor Cut.